Sunday, October 08, 2006

Iowa State

1. Anybody else starting to suspect that the Huskers have a "Home Playbook" and a "Road Playbook"? Not that that's a bad thing. But the more conservative, run, short passes style of play returned for the second road trip of the year. While its success could be debated at USC, it's hard to argue about what happened at Ames. The ISU offense was kept off the field enough and the Huskers controlled the pace for most of the game.
2. The Cyclones might have wanted those couple of second-half TDs that were taken away. The one clear TD reception that apparantly wasn't even looked at by instant replay really hurts, especially after the fake field goal later that possession came up super short.
3. Anybody else wondering about the ABC announcers praising McCarney for his unusual move of deferring after winning the coin toss? How many teams don't defer these days? It doesn't seem that radical a decision to me.
4. My head hurts trying to figure out the RB rotation game to game. Now that Jackson and Glenn got their 100-yard days, I half expect them to combine for three carries at K-State while Lucky and Wilson combine for 34 and 253 yards. It works, but it hurts!
5. I'm guessing Optimistic Nation is back in full force. Got to love football where the emotional state of the fans shifts drastically every seven days.
6. Yes, I'm still saying that Colorado is the most dangerous 0-6 team in the nation.

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