Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bye week blues

Nothing like a bye week. You can always come up with more questions about a team but you won't find any answers.
Of course, there seems to be questions about the Cyclones after the Army struggle. Did Iowa State just not be all that it could be, or did it perform above its abilities against the hated cross-state Hawkeyes? Sure makes next Saturday's game look about even...and potentially another ugleefest.
What did we did before the Internet? We couldn't have cool screen names like Mr. Pushups. As a sports writer, I'd have to use Mr. Buffet Line. As for Mr. Pushups' question, I don't think there's any consideration of a QB change from Callahan right now. Not sure there should be. We haven't seen anything from the backups, and he's seen plenty in practice. I guess Husker Nation has to hope Taylor and the offense gets going (hint, sticking to the run game could help a bit the next two games) because otherwise 0-2 in the Big 12 after a pair of home games is feasible. Yikes!

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Saturday, September 17, 2005


1. That is a perfect game for the eventual debut of "ESPN Not-So-Classic Channel".
2. The prevent defense almost prevented a Husker win. But I guess it got the job done in the long run.
3. Forget any QB controversy. Now, if anybody wants to debate a kicker change...
4. So the offense is still misfiring and doesn't have its timing down. Wonder if that can be fixed in two weeks when 1 1/2 monthes hasn't gotten the job done?
5. Isn't it amazing that NU won when the defense didn't score?
6. When was the last time the Huskers were home underdogs in their first two Big 12 games? Could the answer be 2005?

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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Wake Forest

More things I think I thought this week...
1. Is having a defense score more TDs than the offense to win the hot new fad in college ball? Sure seems that way after two nights of prime time wins by Ohio and the Huskers in that fashion. I'm not sure, but those Husker 'backers might be playmakers.
2. As a 30-year old lifelong Nebraskan, it is odd to have a quarterback whose mobility is somewhere in the neighborhood of mine. Used to be a big pass rush would lead NU fans to hope for a big scramble, not a throw that would likely lead to an INT or bounce 20 yards short. Now it's hoping that Taylor won't get lit up. To paraphrase what was said during halftime of the Kansas State-Marshall game by Trev Alberts (who needs some sleep because he looks like Lou Holtz!), "You can't run the option with him because you'd get called for delay of game."
3. Wake Forest won't be a top contender in the ACC this year. But my how things have changed when a major conference wanna-be contender comes into Lincoln, "only" loses 31-3 and that is a major encouraging sign for Husker fans. Ten years ago, everyone would have wondered what the heck is wrong.
4. Maybe this Cory Ross guy should get a few more carries. He seems like a decent little runner.
5. Much like the football team, I think Herbie Husker at best will finish middle of the pack in the Capital One Bowl mascot challenge. Herbie, Sam the Minuteman and Purdue Pete will split the human vote. Gotta figure Sebastion (Miami), Buzz (Georgia Tech) and Cocky (South Carolina) are the co-favorites. But Herbie could top the other conference entries of Big Jay (KU) and Bruiser (Baylor).
6. Any interesting storylines for the Pitt game? I see the Panthers are 0-2. Wonder who they lost to this week?

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Saturday, September 03, 2005


With apologies to SI's Peter King, here's "Six Things I Think I Thought About" the Nebraska-Maine game:
1. Shouldn't this have been listed on the NFL's exhibition schedule? I don't know if this game tells anything more about the Huskers than those final meaningless games from the pros. Sure, plenty of questions seemed to pop up, but last year's win over Western Whatever-State-It-Was sure didn't give an indication of the true nature of the season to come.
2. How much of the moolah that Maine got coming to Lincoln will be spent on ice, band-aids, etc. for thos poor QBs? I think the O-Line better make sure those banged up boys get the prime seats on the flight back. They're going to be hurting for a while.
3. Are bears blue in nature? Heck, with the colors of Maine and the species of the UCLA Bruin, I'm wondering if powder/baby blue isn't the color of those critters in nature. If so, why aren't they extinct?
4. I'm glad I voted "No" on the HuskersHQ poll about if Taylor would break the NU single game passing yardage record. Makes me feel all smart and stuff. But I think that Taylor-Hardy connection might be one to watch. Hey, I feel smart again!
5. Is football season for the Universit of Maine like basketball season in these parts? You know, just something to pass the time until the state's "true" sport. A few more decent showings against I-A foes, and maybe Maine won't be only known for hockey. Hmmmmm...wonder how far would-have-been Tri-City Storm goaltender Matt Lundin will lead Maine this season in it's prime sport.
6. What won out more often, buying the PPV or getting two gallons of gas? Some might have kept that $29.95 in their pocket, not wanting to shell out money for an expected blowout that just never occurred. You know, if somebody's smart, they'll invent the car that runs on milk. Never thought I'd see the day that a gallon of milk is cheaper than a gallon of gas.

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