Friday, November 24, 2006


1. Officially, it might not have meant much for Nebraska. But getting a win over rival Colorado to go into the Big 12 championship sure is better for the team than losing and making the Buffs' season.
2. It appears that the best deals weren't only available at malls on Friday. Nebraska held a firesale on trick plays. It sure made for interesting viewing. But now the only surprises left in the playbook for OU or Texas are the fullback dive and option.
3. The only person I would like to be in the morning less than Zac Taylor is Colt McCoy. Those QBs sure took some hits. It made for some rough viewing in the doubleheader. It'll make for even rougher attempts to get out of bed.
4. Sounds like Barry Turner saved himself from being on the receiving end of a lot of trash talk by his teammates with that catch. It was nice, but Mo Purify doesn't have to worry about his job yet.
5. Amazing that it's been five years since the home team has held serve in this series, eh? (Heck, if ABC had to interview Andy Roddick, a tennis analogy was required here.)
6. So who is Husker Nation rooting for....the Sooners or Cowboys? The first OU-NU Big 12 title championship to try and reignite that old Big Eight rivalry or a rematch with a reeling Texas team?

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