Saturday, October 21, 2006


1. Well, that one has to hurt for Husker fans. From being nine points down in a game that wasn't that close to a big comeback to losing the ball and the game, that was one wild emotional roller coaster for a record Memorial Stadium crowd and everyone watching on TV.
2. Can't blame Terrence Nunn. Yes, if helmet doesn't hit ball or if he goes down easier, then game over. But Nunn doesn't really control those things, does he?
3. And Nebraska is still searching for that breakthrough win under Callahan. The Huskers keep getting closer, but Michigan last year doesn't cut it. A win over a top 10 team would show exactly how close Nebraska is to being a top leve team again. Maybe it'll have a chance to get that Dec. 2 in K.C.?
4. Back-up kicker, walk-on, never been in game action, playing in what Texans probably consider a blizzard....I'm gussing Ryan Bailey will never forget this game. And these Huskers will have a tough time forgetting the third 22-yard field goal against them in this game.
5. At Oklahoma State, Mizzou in Lincoln, at A&M....there was plenty of talk about these teams rematching in Kansas City, but no one better assume that it'll happen, especially the Huskers.
6. What happened to the running game? Does it just feast on bad teams or is the Longhorns' run defense that good? There's something that has to be questioned.

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