Friday, November 25, 2005


Hmm, wonder where THAT came from?
That was a well-executing offense. A defense that played with fire and passion. A team that didn't let itself get intimidated in a rough road environment.
So, is that the real Husker team or just an anomaly?
1) Impressive stats. When you hold the ball for 19:44 of the second half, odds are you'll win.
2) Saw the ABC talking heads say Callahan lucked into having a Cory Ross on his team, a multi-faced running back. Yeah, most NU RBs in the past wouldn't have had such an impact in a game when rushing for only 13 yards.
3) Any more interest in a bowl trip now, Husker Nation?
4) Any explanations for Colorado fans?
5) Any explanation for the time keeper?
6) A commanding, emotional win against the Buffs on the road after a disappointing regular season. Does this mean Callahan will get fired on Sunday? That is the recent trend at NU...

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Saturday, November 12, 2005


Things I think I thought while wondering about the number of people I saw working in their yards with the Husker game blaring on the garage radio, not sure how effective raking leaves in 35 mph winds is...
No. 1: For Husker fans, it doesn't matter your opinion on the AD, on the coaches, on the status of the program. This HAS to be a satisfying win. The seniors deserve to end their careers in a bowl, no matter how "lowly" it is. They have gone through the most tumultuous five years in the program's history. An assistant coaching staff shake-up, followed by a head coach firing and a 100 percent new staff and philosophy. Never thought there'd be the day that bowl eligibility alone would be satisfying for Huskerites, but it is.
No. 2: But, it's Pessimistic Nation time! For those who proclaim the need of bowl eligibility to gain an extra couple of weeks of practice to "do the team good", how will a couple of weeks fix things that three-and-a-half months of practices haven't?
No. 3: Is Zac Taylor a real live Rock'em, Sock'em Robot?
No. 4: Burning the stud prospect QB's redshirt in the next-to-last regular season game is tough. But this was a must-win. There's no guarantee at Colorado. And most of these players won't be here in four years, the coaches may not be here in four years, heck, Beck may not be here in four years. Clearly Callahan thought Beck gave the Huskers the best chance to win the game. Therefore, it was the right call.
No. 5: Seriously, NU vs. K-State for the Big 12 North CELLAR? What's goin' on here?
No. 6: Well, well, well. Cyclones (and tornados) made that final game a little more interesting. Now it isn't NU playing to extend its season. It's the Buffs playing to clinch the Big 12 North. I still don't know if the Huskers have a chance, but it'll be interesting now that the pressure is on the other side.

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Saturday, November 05, 2005


Gonna keep it to one word for each yard of NU offense this week. Gonna be short!
1) Last time KU beat the 'Skers, I was negative five. It's not the White Sox winning the Series, but it's almost halfway there.
2) How much does Nebraska have to improve to gravitate back up to mediocrity?
3) How much longer will it take for the West Coast offense to get going? I believe after a year-and-a-half, progress could be expected. Instead, there's no run game and the passing game is shrinking. The Kansas defense ate NU for lunch...usually with Kansas, there's only jokes about its head coach and eating.
4) There wasn't a Texas Tech blowout this year, but there was the same Blackshirt freefall this year.
5) Optimistic Nation has left the building. One more shot at bowl eligibility...

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