Monday, November 13, 2006

Texas A&M

1. How quickly things change in college football. Take the final two minutes of the NU-A&M game, take one hurt standout freshman Texas quarterback a few hours later, and instead of planning to head to San Diego or San Antonio in late December, Husker fans may be secretly checking out the prices of flights to Arizona in early January.
2. That last drive was a thing of beauty and erased 28 minutes and five drives that went nowhere. Zac Taylor said he'd take winning in the final seconds over a 17-point victory anytime. But would Husker coaches and fans who still have frazzled nerves agree?
3. Maurice Purify was Mr. Clutch, but G.I. native Todd Peterson was Mr. Clutch 1B. Seven catches with six going for first downs and the other a TD. Four came on third downs, one on fourth down, the TD on first down and a second-down catch was on the final drive. His play helped make the loss of Nate Swift bearable for the offense.
4. Yowza, there were more missed tackles in that game than I think I've seen all year. The Aggies were grasping at air in the first half, then the Blackshirts caught the missed tackle bug after halftime. Take away those whiffs, and both teams' offenses enjoy much less productive days.
5. Will Jordan Congdon get to try anything over a 40-yarder the rest of the year? If he doesn't get the chance to try a 44-yarder on fourth-and-5 with the wind to his back and the Huskers up 21-7 in the first half, all signs point to no.
6. The Kyle Field environment is everything it's advertised to be. Gotta love a stadium where the Aggie War Hymn literally shakes the press box every time. NU fans should make the trip if they get the chance. Mark the calendar for 2010.

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