Saturday, April 15, 2006

Spring cleaning

It's tough to get a good read on a football team from a spring game. You can never tell too much about what the fall will hold from a scrimmage...unless the second team dominates the first team. Then you can tell either it's going to be a long season or the wrong guys are on the second team.
In Memorial Stadium, the Red dominated, as expected. The run game? Getting 219 yards on 47 carries was good.
The passing game? Zac Taylor had the luck of the green jersey in going 14-for-21 for 184 yards.
Defense? The White having four yards of total offense is pretty solid.
Special teams? Titus Brothers was the star there.
And what does this add up to? I doubt if we know for sure until Sept. 16.
The good news is that Husker Nation has an excellent distration until fall football. The NU baseball team is again putting together a great spring and looks to have its sights set on Omaha.
The bullpen had struggled, including giving up three of the runs of a 5-1 lead over Texas A&M on Thursday. But coach Mike Anderson wasn't concerned. He said they got the outs when they needed them.
Complete game wins from Tony Watson and Johnny Dorn to complete the sweep certainly doesn't cast doubt on the pitching. It'll be interesting to see how far this well-balanced team will go.

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