Thursday, January 25, 2007

NU hoops

Four games into the Big 12 schedule, where does Nebraska stand? After a narrow loss to Texas on Wednesday, it looks like NIT bound at this juncture.
There's positives. Coach Doc Sadler certainly wasn't going to claim any sort of moral victory by losing to the Longhorns, a team that's traditionally dominated NU, by one at home. That's encouraging to see.
Still, it's obvious that the Huskers don't have the firepower to keep up with the Big 12 bigger boys, even in what appears to be a down year for the conference. And it's tough to project where a win might come from in the next five games.
Blame Kevin Durant for this loss. He's the real deal and dominated even while going scoreless the final 11:43. He makes it look so easy inside, then can pop out to the top of the key and drain a 3-pointer. It may be the flattest 3-point shot you'll see, but I guess when you're 6-10 and can jump like that, you may actually be shooting down into the hoop even from that distance.

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