Sunday, December 03, 2006


Things I think I'm thinking from the Big 12 Championship Game and 19 hours in Kansas City...
1. It was hard to believe that Oklahoma only led 14-7 at halftime. But one badly timed INT got the Huskers back into it. On the other hand, it was tough to believe that it ended a 21-7 game. The way NU dominated the battle for field position early in the third quarter, it seemed like they would sooner or later tie it up.
2. Winning a conference championship game and turning the ball over five times just don't fit together.
3. Even though the talk surrounding Husker Nation all year focused on winning the Big 12 North, you could tell how much this loss hurt. Yes, NU has picked up some big wins over the last calendar year. But winning a conference title really, really, really would be a statement win.
4. It was cold. The parking lots were filling quickly by mid-afternoon. Not many empty seats were found. And football doesn't belong inside. All that adds up to the fact that K.C. would remain a great choice to host the game every other year.
5. NU-OU just isn't a hated rivalry anymore. The biggest boos from the game were still any time a Texas Big 12 award winner would be mentioned and shown on the big screen.
6. Anyone know a good remedy to keep Boomer Sooner from rattling around in your head non-stop?

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