Saturday, September 30, 2006


1. Welcome back Pessimistic Nation! After nothing to worry about this season besides the playcalling at Southern Cal, there's plenty of concerns now couresy of the Kansas Fighting Manginos (TM Reece Davis).
2. Is there such a thing as getting off to too good a start in football? When the Huskers got up 17-0 and it wasn't even the second quarter, it looked like a reversal of last year's 40-15 drubbing was in store. A letdown is probable in that situation, but not necessarily one that leads to having to eke out a win in overtime.
3. It's becoming a tradition as expected this time of year as the leaves falling....somewhere between games five and seven, the Blackshirts have a major letdown game after looking solid. Kansas isn't exactly feared for its offensive might, and the Jayhawks roll up 574 yards in total offense with a backup QB? Yup, there's concerns now.
4. The mood swings for Husker fans that were caused by the offense were extreme. You had huge pass plays for TDs early, then a running game that disappeared, incompletion after incompletion, then a perfectly underthrown pass to Hardy for a 75-yard score late.
5. Interesting call on the Swift reception inside the 1 in OT. Touchdown? Touchback? Incompletion? Reception at the 1? It seemed pretty inconclusive, but the Huskers have to be happy that Option No. 2 of those didn't happen/get called. That would have stung.
6. Give Mangino credit for what he's done so far with the KU program. But also get ready for another wild Big 12 North season. Doesn't look like Mizzou is the only North team that'll give the Huskers a test now. At Iowa State next week suddenly looms large.

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Sunday, September 24, 2006


1. That was what Nebraska needed out of this game - complete domination over a less talented team to bridge the weeks between a tough loss to USC and the beginning of Big 12 play.
2. Bill Callahan said a win is a win. It doesn't matter if it's by one point or 56. But don't you think the NU coaches and players feel a lot better this week then they would if they had downed Troy 21-20?
3. Troy obviously was hurting physically and mentally. The Trojans gave their all in pushing Florida State and Georgia Tech in relatively close losses. A trip to Memorial Stadium was too much for them.
4. I could have sworn that Adam Carriker was a Troy running back as much time as he spent in the Trojan backfield.
5. What was starting placekicker Jordan Congdon still doing in the game when it was 55-0? Isn't that the perfect time to get the second-string kicker some valuable experience?
6. Chadron State kept its perfect season going by blowing out Colorado School of Mines. I'm not sure about the Eagles getting into the Big 12 now though. Colorado playing Georgia tough means one thing...the Buffs are the most dangerous 0-4 team in the Big 12 right now.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006


1. I'm guessing that NU play-calling will be a hot topic for the next few days. Yes, keeping the USC offense off the field as much as possible is needed to win. Yes, establishing a ground game is needed to win. But 1.9 yard per carry and a selection of plays at the end of the first half that makes Musburger's claim that Nebraska appears to be playing to not be blown out instead of trying to win look true....well, there may be a reason for discussion. USC coach Pete Carroll seemed to approve of the NU playcalling. There's definitely a reason for discussion.
2. So we heard all week about how USC only recruits out of state for players who will be potential NFL first rounders. That's fine, but I think college football needs to follow MLB's lead and try to help the smaller markets. Make the men of Troy put one player with the name of "Troy" on scholarship each year. Watch the number of babies named Troy skyrocket around California.
3. Having to rebound from the loss to the MEN OF TROY against the men of Troy (formerly State) next week isn't a bad thing. Nice to get a cushion game in before Big 12 play starts.
4. Rumor starter: Dan Titchener will threaten to transfer if he doesn't get enough reps in behind Zac Taylor in practice next week.
5. It's been a rough couple of weeks for the old Big 12. Oklahoma falling to the, Ducks...may have been the toughest break for a Big 12 school on Saturday. That onside kick call was brutal.
6. Colorado blitzed by Arizona State. Chadron State handles Wayne State. The push for CSC moving into the Big 12 North lives on.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nicholls State

Things I think I think while wondering if farmers wish football season could be moved back to spring/summer when they REALLY need the rain...
1. Yes, the passing game looked sharp. Zac Taylor really looked sharp. The running game was solid. The defense was good. And it was against an NCAA Div. I-AA team. I guess the Huskers got out of it what they could, but it wasn't Ohio State they were facing, no matter what the uniforms looked like.
2. Nicholls state gets $350,000, a 56-7 whipping and a broken QB. Glass half full or glass half empty? I guess the important thing is athletic department bank account full.
3. That's what an 84,000 plus Sea of Red Ponchos looks like, huh?
4. With the coaches and players swearing they haven't looked ahead to USC at all, I have to believe them. Taylor said the players haven't even looked at any USC film yet. Still, USC was mentioned in about the third sentence out of Bill Callahan's mouth in his postgame press conference. I'm guessing work on the Trojans began...about 30 minutes after Nicholls State left the field.
5. Never thought I'd see a college football game with a team having zero passing yards. Heck, even the Huskers would put up 20 during the option era.
6. Having seen the HuskerTron2006 in action for the first time during the game, it was my duty as an American sports loving male to dream of having such a giant screen in my living room. However, the fear of my 2-year old gaining control of the remote and subjecting me to a 100-foot tall Elmo, Cookie Monster or (gasp) Teletubby ends that dream quickly.
7. OK, I'll play along with the jokesters out there. Right now it's Chadron State that should replace Colorado in the Big 12 North, right? Let's see where this six degrees of Montana State ends up in November...

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

La. Tech

Apparently there was a lack of QBs to tranfer in or out of Lincoln this week, so good ol' Nebraska decided to schedule a game to give football fanatics something to talk about this holiday weekend.
So here's what I think I think about the NU opener while wondering why the Big 12 couldn't have one decent enough opener to be desired by ABC — except for any anti-CU folks who would have loved to see that Montata State thriller.
1) OK, Louisiana Tech is no USC...heck, the Bulldogs may be no Montana State...but the Husker offense didn't look like that even against the weaklings on the schedule last year. The offense flowed with four I-backs getting involved, four tight ends getting involved...what's next? Four QBs getting involved?
2) Speaking of QBs, it must be nice for Husker fans to see Zac Taylor standing on the sidelines in the fourth quarter because of the score, not because he's just been sacked for the 34th time in the game and has a dazed look on his face.
3) Solid day from the Blackshirts. But the secondary sure has been hit hard by the injury bug. Any more, and me with my 10.42 40 and Lil Red will be lining up at cornerback against whoever that Div. I-AA opponent is next week...unless it is mighty Montana State. Then more help might be needed.
4) Speaking of the running backs, if this four RB system keeps producing, somebody better come up with a nifty nickname. All tries here in the office fell short...Four I's, We-We Backs, Quad Backs. But "depth" is never a bad word.
5) Did I mention it was nice seeing a backup QB getting experience? That may have been nicer than seeing the new additions to the stadium in all their glory on the 20 inch tube on Fox Sports Net.
6) Talk about bad timing. The NU game gets done just in time to see a familiar sight on ABC...Joe Dailey throwing a horrible interception to a wide open defender to snuff out a comeback try. Not the start at North Carolina he wanted. Hopefully he gets another chance and bounced back.

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