Saturday, October 28, 2006

Okie State

1. Well, those fourth quarter Oklahoma State scores seemed to arrive about as often as spam wanting you to help a poor foreigner sneak money out of his country for a cool 20 percent cut. The Blackshirts has about as much success as people who get suckered into those e-mails, too.
2. Not the bounce-back effort that's needed. The offense went flat, the defense made its yearly one big sieve-like performance (see Tech '04 or Kansas '05), special teams hurt the Huskers and the coaches' decisions are being questioned. Similar to several NU road games the past two years...
3. Who else after the first quarter was ready to proclaim the I-back firmly settled and name Brandon Jackson the No. 1 running back? Now who expected him to have nine carries over the final two-and-a-half quarters? Raise your hand...anyone?
4. Prior to this game, it seemed that the special teams naysayers were being a little picky. But bad kick coverage, bad execution on extra points and bad kicking can probably add up to 13 points in this game.
5. Husker fans should be relieved and humming "Boomer Sooner" after this one. The North is still up for grabs, and like last year, three losses may not be enough to knock a team out of the race.
6. I'm no expert, but I have to agree with what the NU coaches were saying since last week following the Texas game....that OSU offense is pretty explosive. Husker Nation has to regret that it proved the coaches right so dramatically. Getting up 16-0 only to see the Cowboys score 41 of the next 48 points is a shocker in Huskerland.

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