Saturday, October 29, 2005


What I think I though seeing the Huskers in person for the first time this season:
1. It wasn't the game of the century. Not the game of the decade. Heck, not the game of the day. But if a late pass to Nate Swift had dropped about three yards shorter, another classic NU-OU finish could have been set up.
2. I'm disappointed there was no Stuntz to Taylor trickeration. Of course, with Taylor's speed and battered body, it better have come from the OU 10-yard line.
3. There was mass confusion in the press box about the Sooner mascot, which looked like the Denver Broncos' dressed up in maroon for Halloween. Or is this what the Sooner Schooner ponies do on road games? Bizarre.
4. I've decided to put some of the Husker problems through the brand-spanking new Bertuzzi-vision, straight from a Canadian lab, and see if they can't be solved.
a) Why can't the offense get going in the first quarter? "It is what it is."
b) Why can't the defense stop teams in the first quarter? "It is what it is."
c) Why can't the O-line let Taylor drop back twice in a row without pressure? "It is what it is."
d) Will the running game ever get a chance to be a part of the offense? "It is what it is."
Darn it, this is getting us nowhere fast.
5. Some booing, a standing ovation for the first NU first down with 11:11 left in the second quarter, some debris tossed onto the field...there's some hints of things getting ugly in the Husker Nation.
6. But things are never ugly in Optimistic Nation! Hey, Kansas is next! Time to get bowl eligible. Pessimistic Nation points out the Mizzou-KU score and the fact that the win streak over the Jayhawks is the only significant streak the Huskers haven't broken over the last three years.

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Saturday, October 22, 2005


1. Remember three years ago when there was all the hype around Smith? How he'd be a Heisman contender for sure in a couple of years? And while he has put up great numbers in his career, he hasn't quite lived up to that hype. Unfortunately for the Huskers, on Saturday he did.
2. How will the Blackshirts respond from this lashing? Will things fall apart like after Tech last year, or will some adjustments and buckling up get things on track?
3. Maybe those people predicting 10-point Missouri wins knew what they were talking about.
4. What is that dash thingee in front of Nebraska's rushing total? Is that a typo of some sort? It looks awfully weird there.
5. Another great TD grab by Todd Peterson. And his alma mater finds out it hosts a first round playoff game this week. Good weekend all around for GICCites.
6. NU-OU. Feel the excitement! Two unranked teams ready to bounce back...and yes, OU was the latest to find out Baylor ain't too shabby in that double OT home squeaker.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005


Things I think I thought while listening to the game, and later typing up the stats.
1) Are we spoiled by almost every game on TV or what? Those of us without a PPV option for one reason or another forget it isn't our constitutional right in this state to see every game. Had a flashback though of my youth (the '80s, I still consider myself a young-un) when the two, three NU games on TV a season were an event.
2) A dominating win over Baylor. And it was by nine points. Yup, times have changed on both sides.
3) Sixth game of the season, and NU rushes for a season-high 182 yards. Yup, times have changed.
4) Nice to hear and read...about a G.I. boy making one of the biggest plays. Kudos to former Crusader Todd Peterson on his third-quarter TD. Had to get a chuckle out of Kurt Mann's comment to him though.
5) Did I think I thought there might be a kicker controversy a few weeks ago? I think I shouldn't have thought that.
6) Missouri. Playing for a share of the Big 12 North lead. On the road. Huskers looking good going in. Yup, once again, Pessimitic Nation is getting flashbacks to two years ago. Optimistic Nation wants P.N. to look a little closer to the stats, especially what the Blackshirts did against the Bears. That defense is soooooolid.

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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Texas Tech...the day after

1. Sure, there's plenty of wouldas and couldas after that game, but the question that keeps eating at me many teams have Homecoming before their first road game of the year?
2. The goal of the game is to get the ball towards your end zone and keep your opponent away from theirs. Even if you are a 305-pound defensive lineman, the instinct when you get the rare chance is to get that pigskin towards your end zone. It's a tough situation when that instinct is so costly.
3. Isn't it strange that the Huskers' most impressive game of the year was a loss? That 21-0 deficit is just the type that has snowballed into an ugly game on NU in the past (i.e. in Lubbock), but the adjustments on the D slowed down Tech about as much as is possible. The offense got going and turned in into a game that saw Pepto-Bismal sales jump up 1,000 percent around Lincoln for the third straight time.
4. What would NU's record be if Pitt or ISU was on the road? I'm feeling it'd be more than one loss. The Husker players themselves were giving tons of credit to the fans for the Cyclone win. Gotta feel the Pitt game was the same.
5. On the other hand, while it's nice to be 4-1, can it be a good thing that it's the middle of the season and NU hasn't played out of the friendly construction zone of Memorial Stadium? Or that four of the final six are on the road, and there isn't an automatic W left on the schedule?
6. Whoa, Baylor's a big game! It's actually a disgrace that this game isn't on TV...whodathunk you could ever say that? NU on the road the first time, the Bears coming off their first Big 12 road win (needing only 10 years to get 'er done), a night game....there's a lot for Pessimistic Nation to not like about this one. The college football world may feels Nebraska's star has faded, but don't think that Baylor wouldn't consider a win over the Huskers as one of its hugest highlights since it was actually good back in the SWC days, if anyone remembers that.

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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Iowa State

Thoughts I think I thought while wondering if a "Dr. Jerry Punch" drinking game would have to start with the number of times he says "Lincoln, Nebraska" during a game at Memorial Stadium...
1. Optimistic Nation members have to think what a great win taking out Iowa State in 2OT it was. The offense comes alive and Zac Taylor has the breakout everyone was waiting for. Pessimistic Nation members wonder how you throw for over 400 yards and only score 13 points in regulation.
2. Optimistic Nation says it was another strong showing by the Blackshirts. Pessimistic Nation reminds everyone that the defense looked really solid going into the Texas Tech game last year, too.
3. Will the Huskers continue to barely get more points in the Harris Poll than Idaho? After all, NU improved to 4-0 while Idaho — which got five points last week - beat Utah State 27-13 to improve to 1-4. Yup, that poll isn't flawed.
4. Anybody else find it strange to look at the stats and find three names under "Rushing" for NU but 10 under "Receiving".
5. Everybody who said Cory Ross needs to carry the ball more was wrong, wrong, wrong! It's obvious he needs to CATCH the ball more, more, more. Just doesn't seem like he gets all the credit he deserves for what he's done in his Cornhusker career.
6. Optimistic Nation says it's just two more wins until bowl eligible time. Pessimistic Nation points out that nobody left on the schedule has a losing record and those usual gimme road trips to Waco and Lawrence aren't automatic this year.

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