Monday, January 01, 2007

Cotton Bowl

That's a wrap on another Nebraska football season. Now there's just two months to disect it before spring ball talk can begin.
1. Well, 9-5 isn't a horrible year, not with four of the losses coming to teams that were then in the top 10. But since it seems everyone wants a "breakthrough" win or a sign that the Huskers are climbing closer to contending for a national championship again, the season might be considered a minor disappointment, Big 12 North title aside.
2. Can't blame the Blackshirts on this loss at all. Holding Auburn to 178 totals yards, a 3.2 average per play, 27:00 in possession time and Brandon Cox to a 10-for-21, 111-yard day should add up to a win. But the Tigers getting short fields against the NU defense after both turnovers was too much to overcome.
3. Bill Callahan's seemingly 1.000 batting average on trick play calls this season took a major hit. Dane Todd's much-anticipated first carry of his career turned out to be one NU would rather forget.
4. A bowl win is nice. But I doubt the win over Michigan in the Alamo Bowl played too big a role in the Huskers' nine wins this season. This tough loss won't play a role in any losses next year.
5. Any bets that Nebraska tries a field goal more often than once every other game next year?
6. Early line: Over/under on times the name "Sam Keller" will be heard or read by the average Husker fan between now and Sept. 1 -- 10,234.

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