Monday, October 16, 2006


Things I think I think about the Kansas State game from occasionally glimpsing it on a flat screen monitor across a hockey game, which is the equivilant of watching it on a one-half inch screen...
1. Even from that limited view, that fake field goal was impressive. While the road offensive game plan must be put in the "conservative" category, the special teams strategy doesn't follow. That's two big fakes in two big road games that were executed pefectly.
2. Hey, establishing the run and keeping the other team's offense off the field doesn't only work against alleged offensive powerhouses like USC. It works against lesser teams like the Wildcats, too.
3. People keep claiming K-State ran a fake punt on fourth-and-3 from their own 9. That's just crazy talk!
4. The Blackshirts are giving up some yards, but they aren't giving up points. That's what's most important.
5. So, Husker Nation, did the Mizzou-A&M result make you feel better about the game against the Tigers or more worried about the road trip to College Station?
6. I thought the vehicle broken down on Highway 281 with a big "CU Buffaloes" sticker on the back window on Saturday was an omen. Guess not. Now we know who the most dangerous 1-6 team in the nation is.

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